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Founder Wendy Sanda, marketing and sales is a natural fit that combines her love of delivering quality experiences to her true passion; people. A seasoned and successful professional in the field of real estate, Wendy started out as an investor of Rosenblum Cellars when she discovered and fell in love with their quality wines, quickly connecting with the people who developed them.

True to Wendy's nature, she connected with Ron and his desire to develop a uniquely special wine of his own. Wendy's sales and marketing acumen meets with Ron's expertise for creating world class wines. Two shining stars coming together and a partnership was born.

Wendy knows good wine - the taste, the texture, the quality and the balance, and her thrill is sharing that experience with friends, family and customers, delivering results and: well, an experience that is meaningful to each individual. From her people-based real estate sales to her commitment to family and connecting with a new friend, Wendy misses nothing and gives it her all.

Wendy's integrity and passion for people are critical elements that are consistent with her commitment and role to make Prospect 772 fine wines available to you, the valued customer. Those standards are no exception to Prospect 772 winery - to continually develop a customer into a friend and share the excitement of these special hand crafted wines - it is who she is and loves to be.

Events that bring these relationships together with Prospect 772's unique handcrafted wines are Wendy's expertise; from wine tasting events to release functions to delivering fine wines for all to enjoy. Be sure to sign up for the Prospect 772 wine news to keep up to date on new exciting events!

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